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Donate to FOCUS

Donor Privacy Policy

FOCUS will not sell, trade or share a donor's personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.  FOCUS will only share personal information if a donor has given FOCUS specific permission to do so.

Ways to Give to FOCUS

Your gifts, no matter the size, help to ensure that FOCUS continues to minister to independent and boarding school students for years to come.

Annual Giving

National Ministries

Unrestricted gifts to FOCUS National Ministries provide critical resources to support the overall ministry for National Programs, the Study Center on Martha’s Vineyard, Staff Development and Administration, and Operations for all FOCUS areas.

Area Ministries

Unrestricted gifts to FOCUS Areas Ministries provide support for the staff, programs, and services allowing them to minister to the students we serve where and when needed.

Company Matching Gifts 

The following companies, among others, match charitable contributions to FOCUS made by their employees:

  • Alliance Bernstein
  • Avon Products Foundation
  • Bank of America
  • BD 
  • Chubb & Son
  • Citizens Financial Group
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Gray Holdings, LLC
  • MBIA Foundation
  • Microsoft
  • Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
  • The Rockefeller Foundation

Celebrate a Life

Memorial gifts allow you to remember someone special while making a difference in the lives of students who participate in FOCUS. Your gift will be gratefully acknowledged and a special note sent to the family acknowledging your generosity.

When planning a funeral, many families choose to honor their loved one by requesting memorial contributions to FOCUS. Such gifts help celebrate the life of a loved one. You can invite others to join your lasting tribute by including these words in the obituary:

Memorial contributions can be made to
 Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools, Inc.

Tribute Gifts

A gift made in someone’s honor (a family member, student, FOCUS staff member) is a meaningful way to mark a special occasion or acknowledge a loved one.

Planned Giving

The FOCUS Vineyard Society provides the opportunity for you to make a future gift to the FOCUS ministry while reaping the rewards during your lifetime. Charitable bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and other planned gifts can be made to help ensure the continued vitality and development of the FOCUS ministry from one generation to the next.

 Gifts of Life Insurance

One of the most effective means to maximize your giving to FOCUS is to use the gift of life insurance as your legacy gift. While there are many different types of life insurance, the principle of giving remains the same; a relatively small present gift will ultimately provide a much larger gift in the future, for example:

You have a life insurance policy in force which:

  • - is not needed to provide for the survivors of the person who is insured;
  • - will add to the size of someone's taxable estate without providing any real benefit to survivors;
  • - is an old policy and does not provide a good economic return for the owner's planning purposes.

These policies can be given as a current gift to FOCUS.  In so doing, we would receive:

  • - the policy distribution at the death of the insured;
  • - the potential of using the cash value in the policy for current needs, if a policy which has cash value is donated.

In return for giving the policy, the donor receives a:

  • - current tax deduction for the amount of the cash value in the policy;
  • - reduction in the size of the donor's taxable estate (if applicable).
Please consult your tax advisor for more information as you consider your gift.

Endowment Giving

With support that goes on forever, endowed gifts sustain the legacy of the FOCUS ministry for years to come.

Capital Giving

Capital gifts play a crucial role in advancing FOCUS’s strategic vision. They have a significant impact on the ministry programs, leadership development and resources including enhancing and improving the Study Center facility, purchasing much needed IT equipment and undertaking strategic initiatives that strengthen and help expand the ministry.

Gifts In-Kind

If you are considering giving a gift in-kind, please contact a member of our our Development Team at 203-972-3408 or development@infocus.org.

Learn More

Thank you again for you interest in donating to FOCUS.  For online giving, mailed gifts, and stock donations, please use one of the links at the upper left of the page.  For additional information and for answers to any questions you might have, please contact a member of our our Development Team at 203-972-3408 or development@infocus.org.

Please Note:   If you do not see the name of the staff member you are honoring with a gift, please choose their regional area ministry from the drop down options and write their name in the comment box section.  For example, "This gift is in honor of the work Jane Smith is doing in FOCUS New York." Thank you for your support!

Fellowship of Christians in Universities and School, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Contributions to area ministries will be used first to fund the operating costs of the local area ministry, including costs associated with providing programs and administrative services at the national level, and excess funds may be reallocated to support other area ministries, or particular initiatives and continuing efforts of the ministry as a whole, at the discretion of the Area Sponsoring Committee and Area Director.

The following companies match funds on charitable contributions to FOCUS made by their employees:
The following companies match funds on charitable contributions to FOCUS made by their employees: