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Why I Give

Chaney (Shafferman) Widmer

Why do I give to FOCUS? There are so many reasons! FOCUS was the place where the gospel truly came to life for me and I learned the value of Christian community – first through summer programs as a student, then later through my local gatherings in the Greater Washington Area. I was "hooked" from my very first encounter because of the unique way this ministry is gifted to reach students in the often rigorous and very busy independent school environment. God used the local staff, volunteers, and other FOCUS students as instrumental supports for me during those "pressure-cooker" high school years. Many of my dearest friends to this day (nearly 20 years after my first summer program) are ones I made through FOCUS as a student. And best of all, it’s where I met my husband. Because of all these things, and so much more, I'm committed to seeing this ministry continue to thrive for many years to come. Please join me in giving to FOCUS!

Elizabeth (Jordan) Shepherd

I give to FOCUS because of its ability to:

•  cut through the noise of everyday life and simply proclaim the gospel;
•  meet students where they are – in the middle of brokenness, doubts, family dysfunction, societal pressures, and so many other painful places;
•  reach students who are living relatively “normal” lives – students who aren’t at rock bottom but who are either ignoring their brokenness or simply unaware of it. 

 I also give because of the enduring friendships I formed through FOCUS, the wisdom that staffers and leaders imparted to me throughout the years, and the knowledge that high school would have been very different – and much harder – had I not had FOCUS. Most importantly, I give to FOCUS because every staffer ardently desires to spread God’s message of grace and love in our broken world. 

Gretchen (Presnell) Hyde

I give to FOCUS because of the impact it has had on my own faith, as well as the ways in which I believe God is using it to reach students today. FOCUS was an important part of my faith journey in high school and college. God used this ministry and its leaders to grow me, and I want to help provide that same opportunity for other students now that I am working. Additionally, I believe and support what FOCUS is and what it stands for. I love that it encourages students to ask questions and personally explore the Christian faith in a way that allows them to make it their own.

I know that no matter how small the amount, my gift can make a difference to help draw students closer to God; and I trust that FOCUS is stewarding my donation in ways that can make a great impact for God's glory.

David Drewry

FOCUS is an incredible organization that creates Christ-centered communities that point students toward the teachings of Jesus. While I am not an alumnus of FOCUS, I was hooked the minute I set foot at the Study Center to volunteer for a summer program after graduating from college. I am constantly blown away by the caring nature of staff and volunteers who come alongside students in both times of need and plenty. Volunteering for FOCUS at multiple levels has deepened my love of Jesus and allowed me to build long-lasting friendships with students, volunteers, and staff. I continue to give to FOCUS to enable staff members to minister to these independent school students.